ADHD Coaching For College Students

ADHD can show distinct challenges for college students. Some of the challenges college students endore are time management and procrastination, memory, follow-through, and focus which is magnified by the intense stressors of classes, assignments, and exams.

As frightening as going to college can be, it is also a great way for you to shine when you understand the way your ADHD brain works under these new pressures.My goal as your ADHD coach is to assist you to you develop the systems and techniques that are unique to you and support your long-term academic success.

Here are some of the common topics we'll target through coaching

  • Understand ADD/ADHD and how it impacts them’
  • Plan and set daily, weekly, and longer term goals
  • Develop planning and time management skills
  • Learn effective study methods
  • Prioritize, begin, and complete assignments
  • Understand and lessen procrastination
  • Develop strategies to maintain attention/focus
  • Create the best study environment
  • Become aware of self-defeating behaviors
  • Learn stress reduction techniques
  • Acknowledge their successes

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