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Three Steps to Succeeding in the Workplace with Adult ADHD

For an adult with ADHD, the workplace can be stressful and challenging.  If these challenges are not recognized and coping strategies aren’t developed, adults with ADHD may find themselves jumping from job to job, terminated and become increasingly frustrated.  However there are strategies that can be employed to maximize function, skills and satisfaction in the…
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5 Steps to Clearing Mind Clutter

As adults with ADHD, our plates are often piled high with millions of urgent tasks.  You cannot focus on the task on the top of your to do list because you have a thousand other things that are nagging at you.  You have difficulty sleeping, even though you are tired because of a disagreement you…
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Self-Esteem Boosters for Adults with ADHD

If you haven’t realized it yet, no one is perfect.  Many adults with ADHD may struggle more than most other people in life, and their self esteem may take a pounding because of it.  This is because when adults with ADHD go through life with negative thinking, it makes sense that they may develop a…
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Stress Management Tips for Adults with ADHD

Adults with ADHD can have difficulty dealing with stress. Life can be overflowing with guilt over constantly misplacing important paperwork, forgetting appointments, and missing deadlines.  By the end of the day, you feel further behind than when you first started, just to wake up to do the routine all over again.  Here are a few…
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