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5 Tips on Overcoming Procrastination

If you are an Adult with ADHD is it most likely you are a procrastinator.  Adults with ADHD tend to put off paying monthly bills to doing housework.  Adults with ADHD procrastinate out of fear or they find the task boring or mundane.  For whatever the reason, these strategies can help you overcome what you…
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Myths and Facts about Adult ADD/ADHD

This is a special edition of the ADHD in Action blog in recognition of ADHD Awareness Month.  There are many myths and facts surrounding Adult ADD/ADHD.  In Dr. Thomas E. Brown’s book, Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults, he dispels all the myths associated with ADHD.   Below are Dr. Brown’s Myth…
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Time Management Tips for Adults with ADHD

Adults with ADHD often have difficulty with getting every tasks done in a timely manner.  For example, a task that would be easy for someone without ADHD may take them an hour whereas it may take someone with ADHD three days to complete the same task.  Below are some strategies to assist you to build…
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Anger in Adult ADHD and Temper Reducing Techniques

Adults with ADHD tend to show their emotions easily such as anger. When an adult with ADHD has difficulty maintaining their feelings, they become short tempered, snappy and may be an unpredictable person to spend time around. The following are some anger management tips for an adult with ADHD.   ·        Making a Decision to Leave…
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