How to Get Your Child with ADHD On A Back-to-School Sleep Schedule

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college essays buying For better or worse, the summer is at its half way point and some parents with children with ADHD will be sending them back to school in a few weeks. As a parent with a child with ADHD you may have been thinking lately on how you are going to adjust your child’s sleep school schedule. This can be a rocky time especially if your child needs to adjust to a new school year and are used to staying up later than usual. Here are some strategies to get your child’s back to school sleep back on track

thesis printing and binding leeds academic essay response to an essay example Get Up A little Earlier- About one week before school begins, start getting your child up a little earlier. This works well if you and your child come up with fun activities so they are motivated to get out of bed how to write a review essay thesis definition literature Establish a Bedtime Routine- Putting on pajamas,, brushing teeth and reading a story together can be a great and peaceful way to end the day.

aqa graphic products gcse coursework folder enter site No Electronics- Cell phones and videos game may prevent your child from winding down due to they may be tempted to play on them instead of sleeping. Be fair and create a no electronic one hour before bedtime not only for your child but for the whole family.