Cutting Down On Chronic Lateness For Adults with ADHD One of the biggest complaints of adults with ADHD is persistently being late. Being late for work may cause you to lose your job, being late for a family function may cause embarrassment and/or not picking up your children from school on time may create guilt.  No matter how many times you have tried to […]

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Five Steps on How To Break The Procrastination Cycle

source    Overcoming procrastination is huge problem for an adult with ADHD.  Adults with ADHD tend to put off everything from paying bills to doing housework.  Breaking the cycle of procrastination does not happen overnight, if you have some other reasons why you procrastinate it may take you a little longer.  If procrastination is holding you […]

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Ways to Get Motivated With Adult ADHD Adults with ADHD throughout their lives may have been called “lazy” or “unmotivated”. Although most adults with ADHD can get easily motivated by a task/activity that is interesting, the dull & boring tasks/activities are put off to the side until another time, even though they are important. The following strategies are some ways to help […]

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Strategies on How Adults with ADHD Can Become Better Listeners

can i pay someone to do my online class If you have Adult ADHD, listening can be difficult due to the symptoms of ADHD which can interfere with your listening skills.  ADHD impulsivity may lead interruptions even though your emotions aren’t high. ADHD distractions may lead your mind to wander as your friend/spouse is telling you something important.  Both of these scenarios can be […] See More