Steps to Help College Students With ADHD Create a Time Management System

free essays-dream house When the young adult starts college, they may be excited by how much unstructured and unscheduled time they have. But that freedom can be difficult for students with ADHD who have trouble with time management and with sensing the passage of time. The last minute homework assignment or studying for an exam can easily derail their efforts to stay […]

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ADHD & Sleep: How to End the ‘I Can’t Sleep’ Cycle

follow site Sleep problems is one of the biggest complaints among adults with ADHD. Some of most common reasons why you may have difficulty getting a good night’s rest when you have Adult ADHD is not being unable to slow down your ADHD brain, being troubled by what happened during the day and tasks that you didn’t […]

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Enhancing Self-Esteem of Adults with ADHD

essay about reading and writing One of the common aspects of Adult ADHD is the lack of self esteem. Many adults with ADHD have endured difficulties in school, labeled as problem kids, told they were not working up to their potential, they were dumb and incapable and after hearing this over and over again they started to believe that what they […]

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How To Manage Transitions For Adults with ADHD

click here A big part of my coaching is to assist my clients to figure out what their ADHD challenges are and to come up with strategies to meet them. For this to work, my clients and I discuss why they get stuck and through our discussions I have figured out that procrastination and distractions could be the problem with making […]

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