Adult ADHD: What To Do When Over Thinking Gets In Your Way

get link What is holding adults with ADHD back from the life that they want to live.  Being an over thinker can result in someone stands still and who self sabotages the good things in life.  In other words, adults with ADHD over analyze and deconstruct things so the happiness that comes from enjoying something slowly disappears. […] See More

Strategies 4 Building Self Confidence in Woman With ADHD

buy paper beads   One of the common aspects of Adult ADHD is the lack of self – confidence.   Many adults with ADHD have endured difficulties in school, labeled as problem kids, told they were not working up to their potential, they were dumb and incapable and after hearing this over and over again they started to believe […]

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Ways to De-clutter Your Mind and Regain Your Focus

source site As adults with ADHD, our plates are often piled high with millions of urgent tasks.  You cannot focus on the task on the top of your to do list because you have a thousand other things that are nagging at you.  You have difficulty sleeping, even though you are tired because of a disagreement you had that […]

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