Adult ADHD: What To Do When Over Thinking Gets In Your Way

year 7 creative writing unit What is holding adults with ADHD back from the life that they want to live.  Being an over thinker can result in someone stands still and who self sabotages the good things in life.  In other words, adults with ADHD over analyze and deconstruct things so the happiness that comes from enjoying something slowly disappears. […]

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Money Management Tips for Adults With ADHD The bounced check or the unpaid bill can be usually be checked up as just being forgetful or having a busy scheduled, however if you are an adult with ADHD, managing money can be struggle and it is time tackle your money management problems. Adults with ADHD find the task of organizing their finances boring […]

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Sleep Tips For Adults with ADHD

click Sleep problems is one of the biggest complaints among adults with ADHD.  Some of most common reasons why you may have difficulty getting a good night’s rest when you have Adult ADHD is not being unable to slow down your ADHD brain, being troubled by what happened during the day and tasks that you didn’t finish, […]

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ADHD & Finding Your Motivation

source link Adults with ADHD throughout their lives may have been called “lazy” or “unmotivated”. Although most adults with ADHD can get easily motivated by a task/activity that is interesting, the dull & boring tasks/activities are put off to the side until another time, even though they are important. The following strategies are some ways to help […]

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