How To Eliminate Clutter When You Have ADHD Many adults with ADHD grumble that they can’t control the clutter in their homes. With so many things around, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Clutter can also cause stress & guilt. Though all these decluttering tips may not work for you, but instituting one or two into your daily routine may assist you to […]

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How To Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works Cleaning the house and trying to keep on top of all the housework can be very overwhelming for an adult with ADHD.  In this week’s blog I want to look at how to create a cleaning schedule that is ADHD friendly. A cleaning schedule won’t add hassle or stress to you or the people in […]

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Closet Organization Tips for Women with ADHD: Part 3

essay writer pewdiepie Welcome to the final part of Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD.  In the first two parts we looked at the declutter stage, and the organize stage, and now it is time to tackle the real life and evaluating stage.  Evaluating is what we are going to do, so let’s get started shall we. […]

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Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD This is the first series of blog posts on how to organize your wardrobe once and for all.  After all, learning how to organize your wardrobe will save you so much time and energy on a day to day basis.  Who wouldn’t want that!  As women with ADHD we have to get dressed every day […]

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