Strategies For Communicating With Your ADHD Child Children with ADHD often experience trouble participating in focused day-to-day conversations. However adjusting your own style of communication to your child’s needs can help him maintain a connection. Below are some strategies you can use to strengthen your communication with your child with ADHD. Give them short and simple directions- Children with ADHD are easily overwhelmed. When you are […]

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Tips to Help Your Child with ADHD Overcome Fears

tips for writing graduate school essays Fear is a normal part of childhood and so if learning to overcome them. For a child with ADHD they may have more fears than other children do. For instance a child with ADHD may worry about not doing well in school, not fitting in with other children or what the future may look like […] See More

How To Respond To Your Child with ADHD Negative Self-Talk

free essay correcting When negative self-talk comes from your child’s with ADHD mouth, your automatic reaction is to stop it. To give your child some reassurance or to convince them that their thinking is flawed. Instead of moving in to fix it, try these ideas to address the underlying feeling and their internal struggle. Empathize: Try to empathize with your child's […]

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Stressed Out? Tips for Managing Stress For Woman with ADHD

best thesis Managing stress is important for everyone. When stress is managed, people experience more happiness and good health. However, when you are a woman with ADHD, stress management is even more a priority because stress can cause ADHD symptoms to become worse. For example, being stressed out can make it difficult to screen out competing stimuli, […]

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