5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating with Adult ADHD

creative writing masters at oxford If you are an Adult with ADHD is it most likely you are a procrastinator. ¬†Adults with ADHD tend to put off paying monthly bills to doing housework. Adults with ADHD procrastinate out of fear or they find the task boring or mundane. For whatever the reason, these strategies can help you overcome what you […]

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ADHD Management: How To Make Your To Do Lists Work For You

https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/bkp/?need=abusive-thesis-advisor&ok=2 If you are like many of my ADHD coaching clients who have told me that they make a to do list but have trouble following through or even remembering where you put it, you are definitely not alone. Difficulty following to do lists is common for adults with ADHD and there are many other psychological, […]

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Goal Setting Tips for Adults with ADHD

see Many adults with ADHD have difficulty accomplishing their goals because of the challenges with setting priorities, time management, problem solving and follow through. This can often lead to frustration, overwhelm anxiety. However, if you are clear on where you are headed it can help you focus more and improve your effectiveness.¬† Below I have put […]

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