Meal Planning When Mom Has ADHD Why is meal planning so difficult for a mom’s with ADHD? Think about what is involved- decision making, planning, prioritizing, navigating the aisles of the visually distracting grocery store and it begins to all make sense. If the never ending need to plan and prepare meals falls on your shoulders, this step by step guide […]

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6 Ways To Conquer Housework for Adults with ADHD

assignment help net Cleaning the house and trying to keep on top of all the housework can be very overwhelming for an adult with ADHD. In this week’s blog I want to look at how to create a cleaning schedule that is ADHD friendly. A cleaning schedule won’t add hassle or stress to you or the people in your […]

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6 Tips for Making a Boring Task Bearable

writing service outcomes Not all tasks/projects of the day are inspiring, fun or exciting especially for an adult with ADHD.  However we know that those dishes have to be washed, laundry has to be done and the car taken for a tune up.  So what can you do not to get lost in procrastination? How can you get going […]

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Decluttering Made Easy For Adults with ADHD

essays in existentialism pdf As with anything, getting rid of your clutter can be extremely simple, all you have to do is just go through your stuff, one section, and one closet or book shelf at a time, and then throw away the stuff that isn’t really essential, that you don’t love and use that often. Of course a […] See More