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Meal Planning – Step by Step Guide for Adults with ADHD

  Why is meal planning so difficult for an adult with ADHD?  Think about what is involved- decision making, planning, prioritizing, navigating the aisles of the visually distracting grocery store and it begins to all make sense.  If the never ending need to plan and prepare meals falls on your shoulders, this step by step…
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Decluttering Tips For Adults with ADHD

  Many adults with ADHD grumble that they can’t control the clutter in their homes. With so many things around, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Clutter can also cause stress & guilt. Though all these decluttering tips may not work for you, but instituting one or two into your daily routine may assist you…
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Decluttering Guilt – Reasons To Let Things Go !

  ADDers have things in their homes that we feel that we should, we need, or ought to keep for many different reasons.  When you walk around your home and you see things that you may not care for or take up to much space, then over time you may feel bad about using that…
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