Strategies For Communicating With Your ADHD Child Children with ADHD often experience trouble participating in focused day-to-day conversations. However adjusting your own style of communication to your child’s needs can help him maintain a connection. Below are some strategies you can use to strengthen your communication with your child with ADHD. Give them short and simple directions- Children with ADHD are easily overwhelmed. When you are […] See More

5 Ways to Improve Social Skills for Adults with ADHD

college research paper services Social situations may be very difficult for Adults with ADHD. They don't seem to have the type of antenna which picks up the social cues and undertones of social interactions. They often are not aware of how other people are feeling or how they appear to others.  Here are some ways to increase your social […]

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Four Communication Tips for ADHD Relationships Building a lasting, satisfying relationship is challenging for everyone, however it can be more difficult where one of both members in the relationship have ADHD. This can cause misunderstandings, frustration and resentments.  This can happen if the husband/wife was never properly diagnosed or treated.  The good news is you can turn these problems around, here […]

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Listening Skill Tips for Adults with ADHD If you have Adult ADHD, listening can be difficult due to the symptoms of ADHD which can interfere with your listening skills.  ADHD inattention may lead interruptions even though your emotions aren’t high. ADHD distractions may lead your mind to wander as your friend/spouse is telling you something important.  Both of these scenarios can be […] See More