Overcoming Feeling Like A Failure For Women with ADHD

https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/bkp/?need=term-paper-in-human-resource-management&ok=2 Everyone hates to fail, but for a women with ADHD failing can bring on feelings of disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness & regret. If you have a fear of failure that is holding you back, here are some ways to get unstuck and take action. Recognize that fear is just a feeling – Fear can’t hurt you. It […]

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Stuck? Strategies to Help You to Your Next Decision

source Decision making for an adult with ADHD can pose many different challenges.  One is the hesitancy to act on the decision because of fear of failure. This is due to their behaviors and thoughts were challenged repeatedly as a youngster and are programmed to believe that everyone can do it better than you. Another challenge […]

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Strategies 4 Building Self Confidence in Woman With ADHD

go to site   One of the common aspects of Adult ADHD is the lack of self – confidence.   Many adults with ADHD have endured difficulties in school, labeled as problem kids, told they were not working up to their potential, they were dumb and incapable and after hearing this over and over again they started to believe […]

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Reasons & Solutions Why Women with ADHD Make Excuses Not To Do Things

literature review on price earning ratio In this post I want to look at some reasons why women with ADHD make excuses not to do things.  Procrastination is one of the worst thing to do, it wastes time, and can kills many different projects and tasks even before they get off of the ground Let’s take a look some reasons women […]

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