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Finish What You Start: 4 Tips To See A Project/Task Through

Do you have a file of unfinished projects/tasks? You know the half baked ideas, the projects/tasks that have never left the work in progress stage. If so, keep on reading, the following tips are to help you see things through and to ensure that you finish the projects that you start. Got a Bright Idea,…
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Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD.  In the first part we looked at the decluttering stages and now it is time to tackle the organizing – so let’s get started. You should have sorted out what you want to keep and what space you have to keep everything…
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8 Steps To Finish What You Started with Adult ADHD

Do you have a habit of starting a project, but not finishing them? If so you are not alone.  Many adults with ADHD have a habit of starting projects but never finishing them.  This is because of the nature of ADHD, adults quickly lose interest in what they are working on, plus they can get…
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