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Things To Say No To In 2016

As each year passes, adults with ADHD sometimes can make mistakes, one of those mistakes is saying yes to the wrong things. Below are a few things to say No to in 2016 so you can say YES to the right things. Saying No To Self Doubt -   What I mean by this is, don’t…
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Avoid Thanksgiving Day Stress with ADHD

Putting a Thanksgiving dinner takes planning and organization and for an adult with ADHD. This can leave you feeling fatigued, discouraged and inadequate.  Below are some strategies to help you remain calm and to spend the holiday with family and friends. Take a walk – Fresh air exercise can help you clear your head and…
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Conquer Overwhelm with Adult ADHD

  Do you find life overwhelming? Is getting through your day like running the Boston marathon? Does your day include doctor’s appointments, bills to be paid, and household chores? Are you afraid to open your mail for the fear of seeing a negative bank balance or the unpaid bills? It all adds up to a…
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