6 Ways To Get Motivated With ADHD

pay someone to write my personal statement Adults with ADHD throughout their lives may have been called “lazy” or “unmotivated”. Although most adults with ADHD can get easily motivated by a task/activity that is interesting, the dull & boring tasks/activities are put off to the side until another time, even though they are important. The following strategies are some ways to help […]

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How To Manage Transitions For Adults with ADHD

source url A big part of my coaching is to assist my clients to figure out what their ADHD challenges are and to come up with strategies to meet them. For this to work, my clients and I discuss why they get stuck and through our discussions I have figured out that procrastination and distractions could be the problem with making […]

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6 Tips for Making a Boring Task Bearable

source link Not all tasks/projects of the day are inspiring, fun or exciting especially for an adult with ADHD.  However we know that those dishes have to be washed, laundry has to be done and the car taken for a tune up.  So what can you do not to get lost in procrastination? How can you get going […]

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How 5 Simple Questions Can Get Adults with ADHD Unstuck !

go to link   Getting stuck can be very frustrating for an Adult with ADHD. Having so much to do and cant figure out where to get started can be exhausting and a major source of disappointment in yourself. The key to getting unstuck is knowing what affects your ability to turn thoughts into actions, but also your […]

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