6 Surprising Ways to Tackle Boring Tasks

cheapest essay writers Not all tasks/projects of the day are inspiring, fun or exciting especially for an adult with ADHD. However we know that those dishes have to be washed, laundry has to be done and the car taken for a tune up.  So what can you do not to get lost in procrastination? How can you get going […]

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Ways to Crush Negative Thoughts and Start Believing In Yourself

the collected essays by ak ramanujam There you go again…. Criticizing yourself with negative thoughts and always worrying about what other people think.  As a women with ADHD you may worry about what people think about your opinions and decisions.  You may not feel good about yourself, so you hold back.  But this only achieves one thing; it keeps you right […]

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4 Easy Steps To Mindfulness for Women with ADHD

names of essay writers Women with ADHD can struggle with sitting still and focusing on tasks.  While the use of ADHD medication has been proven to help women manage their ADHD symptoms, there are other ways to treat ADHD.  Mindfulness is an awareness of your thoughts, feelings and for you to bring your body back to a state of […]

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Ways To Control Your Anger and Improve Your Life

click here Do daily frustrations and annoyances push your ADHD over board? Are you guilty of angry outbursts? Women with ADHD tend to have issues with anger for different reasons.  Women with ADHD tend to express their emotions more strongly and the constant feeling of overwhelm just puts fuel to the fire and could definitely shorten their […]

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