Tips to Help Your Child with ADHD Overcome Fears

get link Fear is a normal part of childhood and so if learning to overcome them. For a child with ADHD they may have more fears than other children do. For instance a child with ADHD may worry about not doing well in school, not fitting in with other children or what the future may look like […]

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Managing Shame with ADHD

actors and professional athletes are paid too much essay One of the subjects that comes up alot during my coaching sessions with my clients is shame. Shame is an emotion that can play a huge part in the lives of individuals with ADHD. When an individual with ADHD feels shame, they feel a huge sense of embarrassment and humiliation about who they are. And, the […] See More

The ADHD Resilience Factor Resiliency is how well an indiduval with ADHD can recover from the ups and downs in life and how we see and respond to mistakes. Adults with ADHD can make the choice to see the tough situations as a challenge that you can work to overcome or see it as a stressfull experience and avoid […] See More

Powerful Ways To Escape The ADHD Overwhelm Do you have so much going on that you feel overwhelmed? For an adult with ADHD a busy life with too many demands can lead to the feeling of overwhelm and stress. Work, family, and other obligations can prove to be too much at times. Working even harder to rectify the situation seems unreasonable when you feel […] See More