ADHD-Friendly Ways to Save Money During The Holidays

source site Adults with ADHD tend to over spend especially during the holidays. There is no way around it Christmas is expensive or at least it can be if you don’t prepare yourself. This blog contains some of my own money saving tips and to hopefully alleviate some stress of spending so that you can have more fun […]

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Five Good ADHD Money Management Tips

erasmus laid the egg that luther hatched essay   Have you ever taken the time to actually figure out where your money goes each week and what you could have saved and made better use of? So many adults with ADHD live from pay check to pay check, always hating the last few days as you have run out of money, and not […]

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Money Management Tips for Adults With ADHD

enter site The bounced check or the unpaid bill can be usually be checked up as just being forgetful or having a busy scheduled, however if you are an adult with ADHD, managing money can be struggle and it is time tackle your money management problems. Adults with ADHD find the task of organizing their finances boring […]

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