Real Simple Closet Organizing Tips For Woman with ADHD Part 2 Welcome to the second part of Real Simple Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD. In the first part we looked at the decluttering stages and now it is time to tackle the organizing – so let’s get started. You should have sorted out what you want to keep and what space you have to keep everything in, […]

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Getting Organized Effectively in 4 Easy Steps For Women with ADHD- Does getting organized seem hopeless to you? Most women with ADHD spend lots of energy worrying about disorganization. That is why I wanted to share my four steps you need to go through when organizing any space, this can be remember by with the acronym L.A.S.T. Now I bet you are wondering what the L.A.S.T.stands […]

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Meal Planning For Mom’s with ADHD Why is meal planning so difficult for a mom’s with ADHD? Think about what is involved- decision making, planning, prioritizing, navigating the aisles of the visually distracting grocery store and it begins to all make sense. If the never ending need to plan and prepare meals falls on your shoulders, this step by step guide […]

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Organization Skills for Kids with ADHD: School, Chores, & Time Management

follow link From setting deadlines to keeping school supplies in order, chores and organization skills are important for a child with ADHD. Here are some organizational strategies you can use to improve these skills at home.   Organize Your Lists In Logical Order: To take some chaos out of projects, homework, and chores, work with your child […] See More