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Avoid Thanksgiving Day Stress with ADHD

Putting a Thanksgiving dinner takes planning and organization and for an adult with ADHD. This can leave you feeling fatigued, discouraged and inadequate.  Below are some strategies to help you remain calm and to spend the holiday with family and friends. Take a walk – Fresh air exercise can help you clear your head and…
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How To Plan Your Week Effectively For Woman with ADHD

  Getting home after a long day at work or looking after your children is the time when you just want to sit back and relax and get ready for the next day.  More often than not, woman with ADHD are greeted by a barrage of tasks around the house that need to be done…
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How To Create a Cleaning Schedule That Works

    Cleaning the house and trying to keep on top of all the housework can be very overwhelming for an adult with ADHD.  In this week’s blog I want to look at how to create a cleaning schedule that is ADHD friendly. A cleaning schedule won’t add hassle or stress to you or the…
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