Ways to De-clutter Your Mind and Regain Your Focus

creative writing group durham As adults with ADHD, our plates are often piled high with millions of urgent tasks.  You cannot focus on the task on the top of your to do list because you have a thousand other things that are nagging at you.  You have difficulty sleeping, even though you are tired because of a disagreement you had that […]

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How To Eliminate Clutter When You Have ADHD

http://industrial-excellence-award.eu/publications/?did=drafting-an-essay-outline Many adults with ADHD grumble that they can’t control the clutter in their homes. With so many things around, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Clutter can also cause stress & guilt. Though all these decluttering tips may not work for you, but instituting one or two into your daily routine may assist you to […]

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Overcoming Procrastination Instantly Using Self Talk

thesis topics for ma education Changing how adults with ADHD talk to themselves is one of the easiest and powerful ways to overcome procrastination. Procrastination is something many adults with ADHD deal with. Although it can be difficult it is not impossible. Self –talk is a great way to stop procrastinating and change your life.  Self-talk can assist you from […]

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Things an ADDers Can Do Every Sunday To Be Prepared For The Week Ahead

go A little preparation can go along way and more so when Sunday comes around.  Weekends don’t have to be filled with different tasks/project; in a matter of fact the more you are organized for the week the smoother it will go. As an ADHD coach I try to have my week planned out even before […]

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