6 Ways To Conquer Housework for Adults with ADHD

https://engineering.purdue.edu/~zavattie/pictures/?edit=sample-essays-for-research-programs&my=10 Cleaning the house and trying to keep on top of all the housework can be very overwhelming for an adult with ADHD. In this week’s blog I want to look at how to create a cleaning schedule that is ADHD friendly. A cleaning schedule won’t add hassle or stress to you or the people in your […]

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5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating with Adult ADHD

http://industrial-excellence-award.eu/publications/?did=write-your-essay-online If you are an Adult with ADHD is it most likely you are a procrastinator.  Adults with ADHD tend to put off paying monthly bills to doing housework. Adults with ADHD procrastinate out of fear or they find the task boring or mundane. For whatever the reason, these strategies can help you overcome what you […]

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