How to Make Better Decisions With Adult ADHD A day is always made up of different small decisions.  I will wear this; What do you feel like doing on your day off; or I’ll have this for lunch. For some people this isn’t a real big deal, however for an adult with ADHD making decisions (big or small) isn’t easy.  They agonize over […]

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Things an ADDers Can Do Every Sunday To Be Prepared For The Week Ahead

how to properly write a research paper A little preparation can go along way and more so when Sunday comes around.  Weekends don’t have to be filled with different tasks/project; in a matter of fact the more you are organized for the week the smoother it will go. As an ADHD coach I try to have my week planned out even before […]

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Ways Setting a Timer Can Increase Your Productivity

thesis binding university of limerick You begin a task or a project and then you get distracted or interrupted. Before you know it, you are doing something completely different but the task you intended to do.   With so many tempting distractions, how can you actually concentrate on your task for more than a few minutes?  One of the best ways […]

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Reasons & Solutions Why Women with ADHD Make Excuses Not To Do Things

creative writing ks1 powerpoint In this post I want to look at some reasons why women with ADHD make excuses not to do things.  Procrastination is one of the worst thing to do, it wastes time, and can kills many different projects and tasks even before they get off of the ground Let’s take a look some reasons women […]

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