Help Your Child with ADHD Manage Their Morning Routine

watch Getting kids ready in the morning can be very difficult however getting a child with ADHD ready in the morning can be like a war and no one is winning. Adding the following strategies to your morning routine can make your mornings pleasant and keep your relationships blossoming. Stick with them until they are out of bed:Stay in your […] See More

Stressed Out? Tips for Managing Stress For Woman with ADHD

see Managing stress is important for everyone. When stress is managed, people experience more happiness and good health. However, when you are a woman with ADHD, stress management is even more a priority because stress can cause ADHD symptoms to become worse. For example, being stressed out can make it difficult to screen out competing stimuli, […]

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The ADHD Resilience Factor

bibliographic annotation Resiliency is how well an indiduval with ADHD can recover from the ups and downs in life and how we see and respond to mistakes. Adults with ADHD can make the choice to see the tough situations as a challenge that you can work to overcome or see it as a stressfull experience and avoid […]

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Got ADHD? Walk It Out !

follow link Going for a walk is a good form of exercise for adults with ADHD and has several benefits for the brain. When you walk, it causes you to activate your brain’s ‘dopamine This is the series of brain areas that come to life when you’re having difficulty focusing.  It also allows your brain to come up […] See More