How To Spend A Productive Hour With Your To Do List Do you overlook your to do list? When is the last time you spent some time with it?  I can already hear you saying, “I don’t have an hour to spend with my to do list”.  However, if you did spend that hour, you would be more organized; less stressed and would get more done.   […] See More

Doing the Tasks You Hate, Even When You Don’t Want To

enter site Whether it is cleaning, doing laundry or filing paperwork, ADDers tend to avoid these tasks because we don’t like doing them.   When ADDers don’t like to do something we don’t like doing, we are more likely to procrastinate.   Sometime we just need to take that first baby step and do things that you hate.  Here […] See More

Reasons & Solutions Why Women with ADHD Make Excuses Not To Do Things In this post I want to look at some reasons why women with ADHD make excuses not to do things.  Procrastination is one of the worst thing to do, it wastes time, and can kills many different projects and tasks even before they get off of the ground Let’s take a look some reasons women […]

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