Philosophy and Approach

Jenna's coaching focuses on adults who live with ADD/ADHD. She identifies with clients on a personal level.

In Jenna's words,

"I was diagnosed with ADHD 14 years ago; for that reason I know it is possible to overcome your ADHD challenges & live the life of your dreams.

I work with my clients by teaching self-management & coping skills. During the weekly coaching sessions, the client & I work together to retrain their focus abilities to bring balance in a way that makes life less overwhelming & frustrating. None of this is easy for an individual with ADHD but it is doable. My clients in no way will ever hear judgment or criticism, only motivation, caring & guidance.

I can sympathize with how it feels to be my clients, by understanding the thought patterns. My own personal experience of these difficulties make my work as an ADHD coach helpful, productive & successful."

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