Road map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program

Being a parent with a child with ADHD has its unique challenges that few really understand unless they are themselves a parent of a child with ADHD. Children with ADHD often experience a range of challenges which may include trouble behaving at home and/or school, organizational problems, difficulty completing homework or other tasks.

I have developed the Road Map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program to provide strategies and tool's help parents work through a number of challenges children with ADHD go through. In my three month program parents will have the opportunity to share successes as well as gain insight from other parents who are going through similar experiences. Most importantly parents will realize that they are not alone in how you feel and what you do as a parent.

The Road Map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program will assist you

  • Understand Children with ADHD
  • How to Cope with ADHD Behavior
  • How to Manage Your Child’s Anger
  • How to Create Effective Morning and Evening Routines
  • Practice parenting skills that actually work

The Road Map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program includes:

  • Classes - starts March 22- June 21, 2018: classes are an hour and half (1 1/2). Class is limited to 12 parents.
  • One private phone coaching session each month with Coach Jenna.
  • Lifetime access to the Road map For Success materials and recordings
  • The cost of the program is usually $197.00 if you sign up before March 15, 2018, you will only pay $80.00.

When you enroll in the program you will get awesome bonuses:

  • 6 Dos and Don’ts for Parenting A Child with ADHD E-Guide
  • 5 Handouts on Making Time For Parents With Children with ADHD
  • Free Printable Poster For Helping A Child with ADHD Calm Down

Where does the Road Map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program take place? 

Everything is online- no travel is required. We will meet every two weeks for an hour and a half via Zoom. I will provide the link to the class call and the materials.

Who is Right for the Road Map For Successful ADHD Parenting Program?

The program is for parents who are committed to their children’s well being and willing to think outside of the box. It for parents who know that in order to get something new out of their children they need to be willing to do something different. The Success with ADHD Parenting Program is designed for parents who are willing to look inward first instead of solely focused on what is wrong with their child with ADHD. This program is designed for parents willing and able to to take in a lot of information and be able to think critically about how it will work best for their child, family or situation. While this program will offer amazing information and solutions, there is no one size fits all answer to every ADHD child’s struggle.

What Types of Payment do you accept? All payments will be made through Paypal.

What If Have Another Question Not Listed Here?  You can email Coach Jenna Knight at