I  can honestly say that the time I spent with Jenna as my ADHD Coach was a joy. I found her to be very intelligent, motivated and willing to be my partner while I struggled with coming to terms with some of my ADHD issues. As we went through our sessions together I found her quite accommodating and compassionate to my needs.

Having gone un-diagnosed for the first 40 years of my life, I had developed some  habits and tricks to mentally survive. Jenna gave me the strength and the tools to overcome some real intrinsic fears I had concerning approaching my non-ADHD husband about what I’m going through. And, Jenna helped me to focus on my personal ADHD attributes that were hurting me both in my relationships with others and my job.

I believe as you work with Jenna, and are honest with her, you will give her the information she needs to help you. She is very resourceful.  It was through her I learned that most people don’t know much about this condition and we are the example they refer to when thinking about people they know with ADHD.

I know you can trust Jenna to be hard working and jump any hurtles she needs to to find you information so you can become more self-empowered. If the opportunity ever arises again, I know she will be there for me to coach me through any rough patches I may encounter.

G.O. ,